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Part 2

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Hello, tumblr.

So I’ve got this pretty solid collection of Copic art markers. They’re great. I like them a lot. But here’s the thing: I am so allergic to them that I can’t use them without wearing an industrial strength respiratory mask, which is very uncomfortable and awkward, meaning I haven’t used these beautiful markers in over a year and have no intention to in the future.

They’re lonely. They’re unloved. They need a new artistic mind to command them. Could that artistic mind be…yours?


Explain please.
I’d thought about trying to sell some of my Copic collection for a while but it turns out I can’t be bothered with the trouble and anyway I prefer giving things away (related fact: I will never be rich). And though I am but a humble internet-no-one-in-particular with not many people following this blog I thought, surely, someone is going to see this and want these magnificent markers, right?

Copic markers are, in my opinion, the best art markers you can get. They’re incredibly versatile—they can go on perfectly flat and smooth to look like digital colouring, they can be blended to look like watercolours, they can do a lot of things! However, their quality is reflected in their cost and although they’re worth every penny, at $4 to $7 per marker they can be prohibitively expensive, especially for students. So, here’s a chance to win a pretty great set!

ONE LUCKY WINNER of this giveaway will receive 62 Copic markers, retail value of about $298, consisting of:
-39 Copic Ciao and Copic Sketch colours, including all the basic colours, flesh tones, neutrals and shades, and the colourless blender
-a complete set of Copic Original cool grey tones, plus black
-a complete set of Copic Original warm grey tones
See images above!


Wait, am I going to be super allergic to these too?
Almost definitely not. Most people aren’t bothered by Copics at all, I’m just super unlucky and oversensitive. The markers have very little smell, especially compared to other art markers.


-Reblog this post

-I will announce the randomly chosen winner on January 5, 2013. You must have your ask box open or email address available so I can contact you and get your address to send you your cool stuff! If I don’t receive a response within 72 hours I’ll choose another winner.

-I will ship anywhere! Unless it is somehow illegal for you to get a box of markers in the mail.

And that’s it! I think. Hopefully I haven’t left out a crucially important step to this. Anyway, thanks for reading this far! Please share this with your artsy acquaintances who might be interested in a chance to win $300 worth of fancy markers. :)

Good luck, lovely citizens of tumblr!

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